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Online course “Influencer Marketing: Ultimate Roadmap & Best Practices”

Your path to a successful career in Influencer Marketing
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Advantages of the course

  • A practical simulator of the Hypetrain platform for creating real Influencer Marketing campaigns 

  • Internship opportunities with leading international marketing agencies for the best

  • More than 50 cards with useful information collected from the entire course

  • Instructions on finding employment as an Influencer Marketing Manager

Course Length

About 10 hours


At your pace


video tutorials, quizes, simulator

AVG Lesson

7-10 minutes


English with subtitles

This course is designed for
anyone who wants to:

Dive into the world 
of Influencer Marketing

You have been curious for a long time about how to discover the true power of social media? You're on the right path!

Get a trendy, highly marketable profession

The course will open up new career opportunities. Some students will become professional managers in Influencer Marketing, in demand all over the world, while others will be able to develop their businesses and launch their products to the next level

Join with any level of experience and competency

Whether you are a beginner looking to break into the field of Influencer Marketing or a marketing professional seeking to gain new competencies, this course will be an illuminating journey for all

Possess a well-structured knowledge base

The course provides a comprehensive look at Influencer Marketing, covering basic concepts and offering tips for productive collaboration and campaign optimization

Gain practical skills in building an Influencer Marketing campaign

Specially developed for the course, the original Hypetrain platform simulator will allow you to build your Influencer marketing campaign, from selecting Influencers and their audience to contracting and calculating key metrics

Accelerate product launches

Utilizing Influencer Marketing tools is a priority for startups and greatly enhances the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, helping increase the speed to market for their products

Course participants

Anyone who wants to join the world of Influencer Marketing, including beginners, students, freelancers, marketers, PR managers, entrepreneurs, and startups

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing has revolutionized traditional marketing, becoming a force to be reckoned with in brand promotion and audience engagement.

$21.1 billion

market size in 2023

61% of users

trust influencer recommendations

11x higher ROI

than traditional banner ads
In the rapidly changing world of consumerism, there's one skill that will help you stand out among marketing professionals, and that's Influencer Marketing

Stay on trend

Influencer Marketing employs cutting-edge techniques that keep you a step ahead of traditional marketing strategies

Build your own professional community

Influencer marketing thrives on genuine connections between Influencers and their audiences. As the bridge between the two, Influencers help curate top-tier content

Generate high revenues

Influencer Marketing delivers a higher return on investment compared to traditional advertising campaigns. With a strong demand in the job market for skilled managers and minimal competition, the salary potential for an Influencer Marketing Manager is exceptionally high from the outset

Develop your personal brand

Collaborating with renowned Influencers enhances your credibility, earns the trust of potential clients, and positions you as an Influencer Marketing Guru

Course content
7 modules, 48 lessons:

  • Module I
    Introduction to Influencer Marketing (5 lessons)
  • Module II
    Strategy in Influencer Marketing (8 lessons)
  • Module III
    Selection of Influencers, including SOW and interaction with Influencers and their agents (19 lessons)
  • Module IV
    Creativity in Influencer Marketing, including trend formats for collaborating with Influencers (3 lessons)
  • Module V
    Project implementation: real cases, mechanics of content placement on major platforms, deadline control and more (6 lessons)
  • Module VI
    Reporting, paperwork (3 lessons)
  • Module VII
    Tracking and Measuring Objectives (4 lessons)
Upon completing our course, you'll master the art of working with briefs, crafting impactful marketing strategies, setting ambitious goals, and handpicking the perfect Influencers.

We'll teach you not only how to engage with Influencers but also how to establish effective communication with their managers.

Who is behind?

Hypetrain is an influencer marketing automation platform with a database of over 200 million social media accounts, while Zorka is an internationally renowned digital marketing agency that has executed more than 10,000 advertising collaborations with bloggers. Together, we've harnessed our industry knowledge and experience to craft the most comprehensive influencer marketing course available.

We couldn’t find a comprehensive influencer marketing course on the Internet, so we created it ourselves!  Our course offers a perfect balance of fundamentals and latest practices and trends to thrive in the dynamic world of influencer marketing” - Yauhen Razhko, CEO of Hypetrain.

What will you get
after completing the course?

  • In-depth understanding of influencer marketing fundamentals and latest trends

  • Industry connections, glowing recommendations and job opportunities 
  • Your first campaign launch during the course with our Hypetrain simulator 

  • Internship in international marketing agencies - for those who have received a certificate

  • Certificate - for those who have successfully completed the entire course and mastered the simulator
  • Comprehensive summary with a recap of the course content available for download after completion of all course modules

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer job placement?

We guarantee you that after successfully completing the course and receiving your certification, we will offer your candidacy to all our partners including startups, brands and agencies if you are interested

Do you issue the certificate?

Yes, we issue a personalized certificate of completion, which carries value among all our partners, after completing the simulator

Will there be support on the course?

Our team will be monitoring all requests and responding to them promptly. We also plan to introduce special sessions with leading Influencer Marketing experts so you can ask your questions directly to them - so stay tuned for more updates

Do you offer the course for free?

We have a program by which we support Belarusians and offer them free access. You can find out more details here